A car’s engine undergoing inspection post-accident.

Is Your Vehicle at Total Loss? 3 Signs You Need to Watch Out For

A severe accident that leaves your car with damages too costly to repair—it’s every car owner’s nightmare. In such cases, your car could be deemed a “total loss” by your insurance company. But what are the signs that point toward total loss? And how does this impact car loss attribution and your potential insurance claims?

As industry experts at Jared’s Auto Appraisal, we have the insights you need. In this blog, we’ll provide practical guidance to help you spot the signs of total loss.

Recognizing the Tell-Tale Signs

Certain signs could indicate that your vehicle might be beyond repair. Here are a few key signs that we recommend to watch for:

  1. Severe Structural Damage: If your car’s frame or engine has been severely damaged, it could signal total loss. It’s particularly relevant if these crucial parts are beyond repair or if the repair costs would exceed the vehicle’s current market value.
  2. Unrepairable Safety Features: Safety is paramount. If key safety features like seatbelts or airbags are damaged beyond repair, your vehicle could be considered a total loss.
  3. High Repair Costs: If the estimated repair costs from a professional vehicle repair cost estimator approach or exceed the vehicle’s pre-accident value, it’s a clear sign of a total loss scenario.

Understanding the Insurance Company’s Decision

Insurance companies typically declare a vehicle a total loss when the cost of repairs approaches or exceeds the car’s pre-accident value. It involves an intricate process that includes car damage estimates, car loss attribution, and sometimes even invoking appraisal clause auto insurance. At Jared’s Auto Appraisal, we guide our clients through these complexities, ensuring they are informed at every step.

Navigating Through the Total Loss Scenario

The owner must navigate complex insurance claims when a vehicle is declared a total loss. That’s where we come in. Our expert team at Jared’s Auto Appraisal simplifies the process, from understanding the appraisal clause for insurance companies to dealing with potential disputes.

Expert inspecting the vehicle for total loss signs

Navigate Total Loss Situations with Confidence

Navigating a total loss situation can be daunting, but you don’t have to face it alone. Jared’s Auto Appraisal is here to guide you. With our comprehensive vehicle appraisal service, we offer accurate auto damage estimates and provide guidance on car loss attribution, assisting you through every step. Our experts can help you understand the appraisal clause for insurance companies, ensuring a fair and comprehensive claim settlement.

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