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It’s essential to file the right diminished value claim, backed by strong reports and evidence, to have the maximum chance of success. We can comprehensively review your claim to see whether the insurer will accept it.

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If your car was involved in an accident and lost its value, you must file a diminished value claim with your insurer. However, filing a claim and receiving fair compensation is not easy. At Jared’s Auto Appraisals, we will review your claim for free and evaluate your chances of success.

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We have extensive experience in dealing with auto insurance claims, and you can expect the following:

A comprehensive evaluation of your claim

Insights and expertise on diminished value claims

Trained and certified auto damage appraisers to assess the damage and post-collision condition

A personalized approach to dealing with all your claims

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We have conducted over 25,000 appraisals and have operated in the industry for over 18 years. Our growing list of customers includes the following:

Insurance Companies

Private car owners with auto insurance

Body and repair shops.

Rental vehicle fleet owners

Private Dealerships

We have established a solid reputation as an experienced and reliable service provider, and our growing clientele list is a testament to our world-class services.

Frequently Asked Questions on Diminished Value

We understand you may have many questions regarding the valuation and appraisal process, and we have compiled a list of common customer queries to help you learn from others’ experiences.