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We have served the auto insurance industry for over 18 years and continue providing quality diminished value, ACV settlement, and vehicle appraisal services. Let us help you claim the lost value of your precious vehicle.

The regulation in Maryland that allows claimants to arbitrate against the insured’s insurance company in auto damage settlement claims is known as the Maryland Uninsured Motorist Arbitration Act (MUMAA). MUMAA provides for binding arbitration of disputes arising from uninsured motorist coverage, underinsured motorist coverage, and property damage claims. The arbitration process is designed to provide a quicker and less expensive alternative to litigation and is available to claimants who have exhausted all other options for resolving their claims.

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If your car was involved in an accident, it might have substantially lost its value even after you conducted proper repairs. The good news is you can use our expertise to evaluate and recover your loss by filing a diminished value claim with your insurer.

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You can expect our utmost professionalism and expertise in handling your situation, regardless of who was at fault. Here’s what we offer:

Transparency throughout the motor vehicle appraisal process.

Experience in managing complex commercial vehicle appraisal cases and diminished value settlements.

Trained and certified auto damage appraisers to assess the damage and post-collision condition.

A personalized approach to providing world-class used vehicle appraisal services, considering the extent of damage, car condition, and independent sales data relevant to your specific vehicle.


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With over 25,000 auto appraisals under our belt, we are proud to have served many clients throughout Maryland. We have worked with the following:

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We have established a solid reputation as an experienced and reliable service provider, and our growing clientele list is a testament to our world-class services.

Act Quickly To Recover Your Vehicle’s Lost Value

If your vehicle’s value is being questioned to determine insurance payouts, accident-related damage, resale prices, or valuation, we can help you. Chances are that your damaged vehicle, even if appropriately repaired, may not fetch you the value or price that reflects the actual market value because it was involved in an accident.

Act quickly and recover your vehicle’s lost value by filing a diminished value claim. If your insurance company is giving you a lowball offer for the diminished value or total loss claim, get in touch with the experts at Jared’s Auto Appraisals for a comprehensive valuation.

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Diminished Value Claims by State

Your car’s diminished value may be recoverable by filing a diminished value claim. These claims are intended to compensate you for your vehicle’s diminution in value because of the accident.

To learn about filing a diminished value claim in your state, please select your state below.

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Frequently Asked Questions on Diminished Value

We understand you might have many questions regarding the valuation and appraisal process, and we have compiled a list of common customer queries to help you learn from others’ experiences.

  • Diminished value is the difference between the car’s market value before damage and its post-recovery value.
  • It’s quite different from usual car depreciation from general wear and tear.
  • Even with quality repairs and recovery, your vehicle will lose value after an accident because it will reduce its resale demand.

Various factors affect diminished value, such as:

  • Loss date
  • Age and type of vehicle
  • Mileage at the time of damage
  • Condition and market value of the vehicle before the loss
  • Parts, materials, and labor are used in the recovery process.

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